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Anyone can benefit from hiring a personal trainer, no matter your age, size or health status. You must first decide what your goals are and set your mind on achieving them.. Would you like to be bigger and stronger? Wouldn't it be nice to have tighter, more toned muscles? How great would it feel to be confident with your body and appearance?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should try working with a personal trainer. You can work with a trainer as little or as often as you would like. It depends on how dedicated you are.

The cost of a personal trainer varies based on where you live. Many trainers will offer discounts if you train with a partner or if you sing up for a larger package of sessions. Typically, Personal Trainers in the OC (orange county) range from $60 -$100 per session.

Here are a few ways to find personal trainers in the SoCal area. It may be wise to ask around to see if anyone you know is working with a personal trainer. You can start by doing a google search for "personal trainer orange county" it is likely you will find many trainers in the area. Health clubs sometimes have personal trainers on staff and may provide to training discounts to members.

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What to look for in a personal trainer:

1. Do they have experience? Even thought here are some fantastic trainers that are new and just starting out. You may want to consider choosinga trainer that has worked with many clients in the past.

2. Make sure they are qualified and insured. If you are going to confide your health based on recommendations of someone else make sure they have taken the proper certifications.

3. Be sure that the trainer is a good match for you. If you need someone that is going to be firm with you, be sure the trainer has the type of personality that will keep you on track.

4. How will you trainer make note of your progress or and your goals.

5. Does the trainer promise you will succeed. Keep in mind, you will get whatever you put in to it. Many trainers are very confident in their expertise and training and will offer a guarantee, providing you stick with the program.

6. What is their cancellation guidelines.

7. What are the package and pricing options?

8. Can they provide actual client testimonials from people that have experienced great results.


What you can anticipate when you initially meet with a trainer..

A good number of trainers start off with a fitness assessment so that your trainer can establish where you are currently with your overall health and fitness. Although its not required, we strongly suggest that you seek clearance from a medical professional before starting any personal training or exercise program.

Your trainer will begin by asking you some broad questions to better recognize your unique goals and obstacles. Then he or she will take some measurements that will help you identify your starting point, so you can watch as you progress. They will customarily monitor your weight, body fat, blood pressure, body circumference (thighs, waist, hips, biceps, chest etc.), upper body strength, and core strength.

It is very essential that you an your trainer outline all of this from the very beginning. A high-quality trainer will take all of this info and construct a customized program that is unique to you an only you.

If you live in the Orange County area and you are serious about getting in shape and becoming fit, you should strongly consider working with a personal trainer. It will be the skill, encouragement and assistance you are looking for.


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